Aaron Fridley

Aaron Fridley


Aaron was born in Lima, Ohio and was raised in Indiana, where he graduated from Indiana Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology with an emphasis in Social Sciences.  He has also been the Director of The Jesus House in Indianapolis, Indiana. Aaron has ministered in the capacity of a Senior High Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader, Youth Leader and Sectional Youth Leader, Home Bible Studies Teacher, Jail Minister and Young Adult Teacher.

Aaron previously pastored Apostolics Continuing in Truth & Spirit in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  He became pastor of ACTS (formerly First Love Church) in June 2014.

Pastor Aaron continues to lead with vision, excitement and believes in team work!

The Fridley’s are blessed with a daughter, Chellara and enjoy living in Utah!

Michelle Fridley

Michelle Fridley

Pastor's Wife

Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming where her parents were involved in ministry she also lived in Buffalo and Gillette, Wyoming where she brought many of her friends to church as a young child.  In 1984 her family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where she attended the Apostolic Christian school her parents helped operate.  She moved to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1994 where she earned her Bachelor of Theology degree at Indiana Bible College.  While there she traveled for missions to France, Guyana, South America and Indian reservations at Tohatchi, New Mexico and Wolf Point, Montana.

After marriage to Aaron Fridley on June 19, 1999 they moved to Salt Lake City to accept a position as youth pastor for four years.  They moved back to Indianapolis to fulfill Aaron’s burden to finish his Bible College education.  Her experience and passion for children were instrumental in the leadership of the Jesus House ministry to underprivileged neighborhoods there.

Following the call of God to start a church in the Salt Lake valley they returned in 2012.  Through the years she has maintained many friendships here and has been continuing in prayer for them as well as the many lost souls in this area.  She is an excellent speaker, compassionate listener and dedicated prayer warrior.  God continues to use her sweet spirit to pour out His love on wounded souls.

Brennen and Peyton Lesollen

Brennen and Peyton Lesollen

Youth Class

Brennen grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and has lived here most of his life. He received the Holy Ghost when he was 12 and felt a calling to leadership when he was 13. He was in and out of church growing up, until that led to a world of addiction. He’s now 23 and answering the call of God. His burden now is to help young people realize that they too are strong and they too can overcome the wicked one.

Peyton was born in Rolla, Missouri, but spent most of her life in Southern Indiana. She was 12 when she started going to church, and received the Holy Ghost at the age of 13. Growing up, she was always involved in church, whether it be the music ministry, singing, or teaching. A year after graduation she decided to attend Indiana Bible College, and a year after that she moved to Utah to help Acts church. Brennen and Peyton were married on December 16, 2017.

“I feel saddened to know that there are A LOT of people out there who don’t know Jesus and don’t know His love. If there is something I can do, something I can sing, or say, with the help of God, I would love to reach the lost. To let them know that there is someone greater than their situation. Because I too was once very depressed and lost, and felt alone a lot of the time. But I learned that there is Someone fighting for us. I would love to help people know that the very same Person who fights for us sticks closer than a brother, and will love us unconditionally!”